Element Earth

I recorded Element Earth for inclusion on 2011’s Electric Magick and Acoustic Alchemie. Every album I have released has had a theme, and the theme for this particular album was legends, myth, and magick. I am a sucker for movies and books of this genre and I thought it would be atmospherically challenging (as well as fun) to write from this perspective.

Where the Wind Blows

I wrote and recorded the song Where the Wind Blows, which appeared on 2018’s Storyteller, and appears as the project’s final track. Liam Carolan, a wonderful singer whom I have known since I was 17 years old, performed the lead and backing vocals on this particular song.

Emerald Trinity Guitar Build

In Autumn 2015, I contacted Emerald Guitar owner and master builder, Alistair Hay, about constructing a mandolin/12-string/6-string combo for me. A couple of years earlier, Alistair had constructed a doubleneck guitar (a Chimaera model) for me with both necks being baritone-scale lengths and the 6-string side being multi-scaled (with fan frets) as well as an internal RMC unit for MIDI output.